-30,00 KM

Xiaomi Redmi Watch 4

Xiaomi Redmi Watch 4 Silver Gray, boja: srebrna/crna.

AMOLED Ekran u boji 1.97″, 60Hz 600 nits.

Bluetooth pozivi sa telefona, obavijesti o porukama i od aplikacija preko pametnog sata.

Kućište od aluminijske legure.

Rotirajuća krunica za navigaciju.

Praćenje preko 150 sportskih aktivnosti.

Ugrađen GPS sa 5 sistema satelitskog pozicioniranja.

Praćenje rada srca 24 sata, nivoa kisika (SpO2), kvaliteta sna.

Praćenje nivoa stresa i mjesečnog ciklusa.

Trajanje baterije do 20 dana uobičajene upotrebe.

Vodootporan 5 ATM, sa sportskim modom plivanje.

Magnetni punjač, za 2 do 3 sata potpuno napunjen.

Garancija 12 mjeseci.


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Redmi Watch 4

Redmi Watch 4

Redmi Watch 4

More to see, lots to love

Redmi Watch 4

Ultra-large 1.97″ AMOLED display
Redmi Watch 4

Metal middle frame, rotating crown and all-new quick release mechanism
Redmi Watch 4

Up to 20 days battery life*
Redmi Watch 4

Built-in multi-system GNSS
Redmi Watch 4

Supports Bluetooth® phone call*
Redmi Watch 4

Versatile analysis of heart rate, SpO₂, sleep, and more*
1.97″ AMOLED Display
Major display upgrade

Redmi Watch 4

60Hz high refresh rate
Up to 600 nits brightness

Redmi Watch 4Redmi Watch 4

Experience the biggest screen ever on the Redmi Watch, boasting a 26% increase in display area*. Paired with a 60Hz high refresh rate, it delivers incredibly smooth and silky visuals.
Aluminum alloy frame
Two classic colors
Redmi Watch 4

Redmi Watch 4 adopts a sturdy and reliable aluminum alloy frame* for the first time for a more elevated design feel. Make a fashion statement with two available color options.

Redmi Watch 4

Stainless steel rotating crown
Innovative interactions
Redmi Watch 4

Redmi Watch 4

The exquisite stainless-steel rotating crown adds high-end finesse to even the smallest details and its gentle spin gives a more comfortable experience.
All-new quick-release structure
Strap switching made easy
Redmi Watch 4

Upgraded next-gen quick-release structure makes strap replacement easier. Diverse strap options* mean you can switch up your style on a whim.
200+ stylish watch faces
Express your individuality
Discover our extensive range of chic watch faces to match your unique style. Featuring a variety of fun watch faces and customizable components, style and functionality are yours to command.
20-day battery life
For a long-lasting companion
Outfitted with a sizeable battery and an energy-efficient chip optimized for longevity. Enjoy a 20-day extra-long battery life in typical usage mode. Portable magnetic charging lets you power up with a simple touch, for worry-free use.
10 days
AOD mode
30 days
Long battery mode
20 days
Typical usage mode
System power consumption

Redmi Watch 4

Bluetooth® phone call
Raise your wrist to communicate
Redmi Watch 4

Redmi Watch 4

Redmi Watch 4 connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to view and reject calls on your watch, and engage in conversations with the built-in microphone and speaker without the need to take out your smartphone.
Redmi Watch 4

PPG sensor configuration

Redmi Watch 4

Greater monitoring accuracyThe PPG sensor configuration* has been upgraded to include 4-channel to help increase health monitoring accuracy.
Redmi Watch 4

Smart sleep monitoring
With the help of scientific, meticulous sleep monitoring technologies, the watch records your real-time sleep condition at different stages, such as deep sleep, light sleep and REM, improving your sleeping habits and quality.

Redmi Watch 4