USB-C to Magnetic Charging Cable Type C to Magcafe2T

30,00 KM




  • Cord Length: 70inch /1.7m
  • Connector: Mag-Safe2 /T-shape (5 Pin)
  • Instructuion: 
  • First Step: Connect the Cable to USB-C adapter, Then connect the charging adapter to an AC source.
  • Second Step: Connect the Mag-safe2 port to the device. The signal light turns on.
  • Macbook Air MagSafe 2.0 Compatible Power Adapter Models: 
  • A1436 A1465 A1466
  • Macbook Air MagSafe 2.0 Connecter Compatible Models: 
  • MD223CH/A, MD224CH/A, MD231CH/A, MD232CH/A
  • MD711ZP/A, MD712ZP/A, MD760ZP/A, MD761ZP/A