Telesin Shotgun mikrofon


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Surprisingly tiny and affordable, the TELESIN MIC-VM02 camera-mount shotgun microphone offers an attractive solution for vloggers, livestreamers, and run-and-gun videographers who need an unobtrusive and travel-ready microphone that provides higher-quality sound capture than their device’s built-in mic. It comes bundled with two 3.5mm TRS and TRRS cables, so it can be properly connected to the mic input of a camera or portable audio recorder, or to the headphone jack of a smartphone or tablet.

Since the MIC-VM02 runs on plug-in power from your device and has no onboard controls or switches, it boasts simple plug-and-play operation that gets you going quickly. The metal construction not only ensures light weight, but also provides durable protection for the internal components. Supplied with a detachable shoe shockmount and a furry windshield, the MIC-VM02 helps you record audio with less noise from camera/phone handling and wind, whether you shoot inside or outdoors.

Miniature Size
Since it is approximately 3″ long, the MIC-VM02 can be placed on your camera or smartphone while staying out the shot.
Shoe Shockmount
The suspension shockmount attaches to your camera’s cold shoe and cradles the mic while reducing camera handling noise.
No Batteries Needed
The MIC-VM02 runs on plug-in power from your camera or mobile device, so you don’t have to keep batteries on hand.
Camera and Smartphone Cables
The MIC-VM02 comes with two 3.5mm audio output cables—a TRS cable for use with cameras and a TRRS cable for connecting to a smartphone.
Cardioid Polar Pattern
Thanks to the cardioid polar pattern, the mic primarily responds to sound in front of the capsule while rejecting background noise from the rear.
Onboard Noise Reduction
Integrated noise reduction chips help you achieve cleaner, more intelligible audio.
Outdoor Wind Protection
A furry windshield is supplied for effective control of noise from wind in outdoor shooting scenarios.