MOVANO Apple Macbook 85W Magsafe 2 20v 4.25a punjač


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The new Movano laptop power supply is equipped with a ferrite filter and excellent protection against overvoltage, overheating, overload and overcharging. Laptop chargers are aimed at the most demanding users who value stress-free and comfortable work. The quality of the product is confirmed by the following certificates: CE, ROHS, FCC and strict quality control eliminating possible defects.

Temperature resistance – The impact of high and low temperatures on the resistance of protection systems and the electrical parameters of the power supply is tested.
Electrical test – Testing the correctness of electrical connections between the individual components of the power supply.
Short-circuit and overvoltage test – The reaction of the power supply’s protection systems is tested as a result of a short-circuit and a sudden surge of voltage simulated by giving a high-voltage impulse at the input of the power supply.
Final Test – The power supply output voltage level is tested by subjecting it to an hour of continuous load.
The set includes a power cord, warranty card and user manual.


Interchangeable with:
A1398, A1424

How to choose the right power supply? :
DC (direct current) power supply parameters are usually listed under the laptop on a sticker behind the INPUT inscription

the voltage in V (volts) of the power adapter should match the value marked on the laptop
the current intensity A (amperes) should be equal to or greater than the value given on the laptop, this parameter is the maximum current that the power supply can be loaded, the laptop decides about the size of the load
Watts (watts) is the result of multiplying voltage and current
shape and size of the plug – please compare it with the picture of the offered item and with the dimensions of the plug given in the description; we can also determine from the database of the power supply manufacturer
Brand new condition
AC 100-240V input
Output 20V 4.25A
Power 85W
Oval magsafe plug 2, 5-pin
Protection against overvoltage, overheating, short circuit, current overload
CE, FCC, RoHS certified
The set includes the power adapter, power cable, user manual, warranty card
Adapter power cable
Manufacturer: Movano
Model: ZZ/AP20425-2
EAN: 5902687180059
Compatible with:
Apple MacBook Pro series