LCD signature pad signotec Sigma

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LCD signature pad signotec Sigma


Extremely flat input device for precise capturing of signatures. Monochrome 4″ (10.5 cm) display with a high resolution for the brilliant display of the signature in real time. The compact size is ideal for stationary and mobile use, e.g. for service engineers. The device has a USB connection cable with approx. 2.0 meters length.


The signotec Sigma signature pad is available with or without backlight. The device with backlight is particularly suitable if you have to work under changing or unknown light conditions, e.g. in field service.


The signotec Sigma signature pad can optionally be supplied with an FTDI chip. This chip converts the USB signal into a virtual COM signal, so that the device can be used in virtual environments, such as Remote Desktop (RDP) or Citrix.

The mode can not be changed from USB to vCOM or vice versa.

For operation, the free FTDI driver is required. You can find it in the download area of our website.


The delivery includes:

Signature Pad signotec Sigma
USB connection cable (fixed)
Protective pouch (softcase)
Special pen with springy tip (changeable), attached with cord to the pad


Basically, everything you need is included. As an optional and useful accessory, we also offer screen protectors, which significantly extend the life of the sensor surface.


Our basic software (“signoPAD-Tools”) for simple recording of the signature as an image (e.g. in Word and Excel) as well as the powerful SDK (“signoPAD-API”) for developers, are available as a free download at

NOTE: If you want to sign PDF documents with legally binding, you will need our “signoSign/2” software.