BASEUS wireless punjač Swan Magnetic 15W MagSafe Iphone WXSW-01


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BASEUS Swan Magnetic Wireless Charger Desktop Bracket Unti-slip Portable Charging Stand for iPhone 12 Series – Black
  • 2-in-1 solution combining desktop bracket and wireless charger: This next generation desktop bracket & wireless charger is compatible with iP12 magnetic alignment charging, supports landscape mode and is swift in screen switch into the portrait mode
  • Compatible with iP 12 series: The in-built magnet is able to align accurately with the magnet module confiqured on the back of the iP 12 series and starts to charge your device after being placed in a stable magnetic position
  • 150 full-direction adjustment: Provide more comfortable angle for watching live streaming and binge-watching
  • 15W peak output: Support 15W wireless charging, charging starts immediately once placed
  • Fixed frequency voltage regulation: Apple devices use fixed frequency voltage regulation, fixing the working frequency to avoid interference with mobile phone frequency bands and charge faster


  • Model: BS-W519
  • Material: PC+Stainless iron
  • Interface: Type-C input
  • Input Current: DC 5V/2A, 9V/2A, 12V/2A Маx.(It is recommended to use the QC/PD adapter with power of 18W or above.]
  • Output Power: 15W Max.
  • Compatibility: Only compatible with iP12 series
  • Product Size: 92.0*92.0*134.7 (Without packaging)
  • Product Weight: 206g (Without packaging)