BASEUS Transmiter FM Bluetooth MP3with car charger USB + USB 3,4A S-09A black CCMT000001

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Multifunctional transmitter, car charger and speakerphone in one. It has 2 USB-A ports. It allows for simultaneous charging of two devices and provides the ability to play music from the phone, pendrive or memory card.

Using Bluetooth, it is possible to connect a smartphone to the transmitter and play your favorite music, podcast or other broadcast from it. You can also connect an external pendrive with music to the transmitter (requirements: maximum capacity of pendrive 32 GB, file format MP3 / APE / WAV / FLAC) or TF/micro SD memory card.

The built-in microphone allows you to use the transmitter as a speakerphone, and the convenient button allows you to switch between the functions of the transmitter with one move, which ensures safe and smooth use of the device while driving. After switching off, the transmitter remembers the frequency, the last track played and the volume.

The transmitter is also a car charger- it allows you to quickly charge up to two devices at the same time.

The built-in LED display shows the current frequency or voltage in the socket.

The product is available in two colors.

Specification :
Bluetooth: 4.2
Input voltage: DC 12-24V
Output voltage: 3.4A
FM / Bluetooth transmission distance: 5 m / 10 m
FM transmission frequency: 87.5-108 Mhz
Ports: 2x USB-A
External memory: up to 32 GB
Material: PC