BASEUS cabel Type C to Type C Explorer Fast Charging 100W 2m stellar white P10319703221-00 / CB000043

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Baseus fast charging and data cable with USB-C – USB-C connectors. Supports Power Delivery 100 W fast charging standard.

The cable is made of a PC and has a nylon braid, thanks to which it is resistant to breakage, extending its service life.

The long cable (2 m) allows you to conveniently use the device when it is connected to the network.

Simultaneous data transfer (480 Mb/s) and charging means you can transfer data and charge your device at the same time, without pop-ups.

Connectors: USB-C – USB-C
Length: 2 m
Power: 100 W
Current: 6 A
Data transfer: up to 480 Mb/s
Material: PC + nylon
Fast charging standard support: Power Delivery 100 W