Telesin LED Light


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Nema na zalihi



TELESIN Mini RGB LED Video Light 2000mAh Portable Pocket Photographic Lighting Vlog Fill Light Smartphone DSLR SLR Lamp


1.Mini LED Color Fill Light,thickened soft light baffle,no glare from direct light.
2.68 lamp beads,matrix arrangement,directional fill,4 RGB light beads,32 Yellow light beads,32 White light beads.
3.3200K-6500K color temperature,warm and cold colors to meet the needs of multiple scenes.
4.5 levels of brightness quick adjustment to keep track of battery status.
5.RGB dazzle color change,SOS,RGB multi-color variable.Turn on RGB mode,press the switch to fix the color.
6.2000mAh large capacity,high brightness life of up to 1.2 hours,type-c charging,support for playing while charging.
7.Light and portable.90g weight,easy to carry.
8.Multi-compatible,compatible with SLR,action camera,mobile phone etc.
9.Expandable interface,compatible with commercially available cameras with hot shoe opening,various tripods,multi-light splices.


Color temperature:3200K-6500K/RGB
Number of light beads:RGB*4 Yellow*32 White*32
Color rendering index:>95%
Dimming range:10%-100%
Working time:Highlight≤1.2 hours
Input:Type-c 5V/2A(max)
Center brightness:≈650
Net weight:90g

Product List

1x Mini LED color fill light
1x Light box
1x Type-c charging cable
1x Instruction