MOVANO Apple Macbook 45W Magsafe 2 14.85v 3.05a punjač

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Branded MOVANO power adapter for Apple laptops
14.85V 3.05A MagSafe2 45W
The most important features:
A dedicated series of devices from a specialist in the field of power supply for laptops / notebooks – MOVANO
Meets the highest quality standards: CE, FCC and RoHS certificates
Extended 24-month warranty
Power cable included
The new generation Movano power supplies are the result of many years of cooperation to create a reliable device that optimally harmonizes with existing laptop models – the power supply allows you to quickly and safely charge your laptop's battery, as well as permanently power it.

It is characterized by solid workmanship and high-quality components that guarantee many years of stable operation and trouble-free use.

The new Movano laptop power supply is equipped with a ferrite filter and excellent protection against overvoltage, overheating, overload and overcharging.

Movano laptop chargers are aimed at the most demanding users who value stress-free and comfortable work. The quality of the product is confirmed by the following certificates: CE, ROHS, FCC and strict quality control eliminating possible defects.

In the production process, the power supplies are constantly controlled:
Temperature resistance – The impact of high and low temperatures on the resistance of protection systems and the electrical parameters of the power supply is tested.
Electrical test – Testing the correctness of electrical connections between the individual components of the power supply.
Short-circuit and overvoltage test – The reaction of the power supply's protection systems is tested as a result of a short-circuit and a sudden surge of voltage simulated by giving a high-voltage impulse at the input of the power supply.
Final Test – The power supply output voltage level is tested by subjecting it to an hour of continuous load.

Technical parameters:
Manufacturer: Movano
Output voltage: 14.85V
Output current: 3.05A
Input current: 100-240V
Plug size: MagSafe 2
Overvoltage and overheating protection: Yes
Short-circuit and overload protection: Yes
Condition: Brand new
Product code: ZL38 / AP1485305-2
Included: power adapter, power cord, user manual, warranty card, factory packaging
Attention! Don't be fooled by the promises of quality and compliance with European technical requirements (CE) from sellers of cheap, unbranded power supplies – many of these products should not be allowed on the market and pose a risk to the device and even the user!

How to choose the right power supply?
DC (direct current) power supply parameters are usually given under the laptop on a sticker behind the inscription INPUT and on the power supply:

The V (volts) of the power adapter should match the value indicated on the laptop (e.g. 19V, 18.5V, 16.5V)
The current A (amperes) should be equal to or greater than the value given on the laptop, this parameter means the maximum current that the power supply can be loaded, the laptop decides about the load (e.g. 3.42A, 3.65A, 4.6A, 4.74A)
Power W (watts) is the result of multiplying voltage and current (e.g. 60W, 65W, 90W)
The shape and size of the plug – please compare with the drawing on the auction, we can also determine on the basis of the database of the power supply manufacturer


Compatibility (press CTRL+F to search):
Replaces power supply models with the following markings:




and other models with the same current-voltage parameters and plug dimensions

Power adapter dedicated to laptops with the following markings:
Air-11-A1465 Mid 2012
Air-11-A1465 Mid 2013

Air-11-A1465 Early 2014

Air-11-A1465 Early 2015

Air-13-A1466 Mid 2012

Air-13-A1466 Mid 2013

Air-13-A1466 Early 2014

Air-13-A1466 Early 2015

and other models with the same current-voltage parameters and plug dimensions