JBL PARTYBOX wireless mikrofoni (SET 2 kom)


254,00 KM



JBL PartyBox Wireless Mic Clear voice, crisp sound - Image


The cardioid pickup pattern of these mics deliver a warm, clear, and crisp vocal sound that’s designed to make everyone sound their best over any JBL PartyBox.

JBL PartyBox Wireless Mic Minimize all unwanted noise - Image


A shock mount system minimizes the sound of the mics passing from one hand to another, while a built-in pop filter eliminates any extraneous breathing sounds that you don’t want to be part of your performance.

JBL PartyBox Wireless Mic Easy to use - Image


Just plug in and start singing. It’s really that simple.


JBL PartyBox Wireless Mic Compatible with all PartyBox speakers - Image

Compatible with all PartyBox speakers

From the PartyBox Encore to the Ultimate, you can use the mics with any JBL PartyBox speakers.

JBL PartyBox Wireless Mic Sing out all night long - Image

Sing out all night long

Keep the party going all night with up to 20 hours* of play time. (*up to 12 hours play time when using the digital wireless dongle.)

JBL PartyBox Wireless Mic Rechargeable battery - Image

Rechargeable battery

Just plug the mic into the JBL PartyBox’s charging port when your battery is running low. You can keep using it while it charges. 10 minutes of charging will get you another two hours of playtime.

Unleash your voice

Make your good times even better with JBL PartyBox Wireless Mics. Just plug them into any JBL PartyBox, or use the dongle for the freedom of a wireless connection, and let your voice be heard. Indoors or outside, you’ll sound clear and captivating on these mics specially tailored to sound amazing over any PartyBox speaker. A built-in foam pop filter minimizes any extraneous vocal sounds as you sing a duet with your best friend, and a shock mount system keeps things quiet when you’re passing the mic to someone else. Up to 20 hours of play time and because you can still use a mic even while it’s charging on the PartyBox’s built-in power bank, the fun will last as long as the party does. Rock the house with the JBL PartyBox Wireless Mic.