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HAMA 2+3 usb power auto punjač 10A, 2m


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  • Power supply unit and charger for up to five USB devices that can be supplied with power via a USB socket, e.g. smartphones, tablet PCs, MP3 players, navigation systems, Bluetooth speakers
  • 3-port USB hub with connecting cable (cable length: 2 m), also allows rear passengers to comfortably charge their devices
  • 2 USB ports for front passengers with 4.8A (2x 2.4A)
  • 3 USB ports for rear passengers with 5.2A altogether
  • Clip for attaching the 3-port USB hub to the back seat
  • Compact design, therefore ideal for on the go (notebook/computer not needed for recharging the battery)
  • USB output (altogether): 5V/max. 10A